Ayn’s courtship with Christ


HERE is a story of a conversation between two Christian believers.

Ayn (not her real name), is a new believer in Christ. She had a tremendous experience of regeneration after she started asking God to show her the truth. She found Jesus through her heart-felt prayers and it didn’t take her long to repent of her sins and start a Spirit-filled life in Christ. During her time of learning, she learned about justification, sanctification and the final glorification of the spirit. She learned the Bible and prayed every opportunity she had. Intellectually she was well on her way to learning everything there was to know about the Christian faith. She had a good life with no troubles whatsoever and she felt blessed that God had not taken her through any difficulties in order to bring her to Him.

Ayn always prayed to God to use her as He seemed fit in order to make disciples and to spread the Good News. After about two years, she even began to worry as God seemed to ignore her and there were no doors opening to go out and share the Word. However, during this time, she prayed faithfully and made intercessions for her family and friends to turn to Christ. She didn’t ask for any material blessings as she believed the Lord’s words – Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.(Matthew 6:33). So this is what she did – prayed for the lost souls and prayed for wisdom to understand the Word of God.

One day, Ayn decided she is not doing God’s will because she is not actively doing anything Christian-like other than being a good person. So she wanted to really put her heart and mind into praying for the salvation of her family. She decided she will fast for 24 hours. She wanted to take her next step in her prayer life. One night she prayed to Jesus to help her in her endeavor and feeling confident she went to sleep.

The following morning, Ayn made sure not to have her glass of water because she remembered the fast. She woke up a little early than usual and started her prayers and intercessions. One hour into it, she felt sleepy and decided to take a little nap before proceeding with the rest of the day. As soon as she decided to take the nap, her mind was flooded with every conceivable worldly pleasure known to her. She could not stop the flow of thought and didn’t want to either as the wild imaginings were too wonderful to let go. Her heart was crying out against this onslaught but she managed to drown that voice for about one full hour.

As if by some blessed Divine intervention, Ayn’s reverie was broken by a relative – who happened to drop by to see her that morning.

Later, Ayn was very much shaken and feeling terribly distraught at what had happened to her and she began to question if she had really been “saved” at all. Why then did her thoughts go off on a sinful tangent like that? Ayne looked at her phone to see a Whatsapp message from her spiritual teacher – Joanne (not her real name).

—————–beginning of msg————
Joanne: Just covered u in prayer for anointing strength to take the good news of Jesus Christ to others.

Ayn: Thank you Joanne. I started the day with great intentions but already falling back on an unruly mind. Very disappointed with myself. I am so glad to see your msg. It’s as if God Himself is telling me.

Joanne: So glad it helped. I pray intentionally at designated times for you but this prayer came out of nowhere. Just felt wanting to pray. Went to the room and saw people living in darkness bcz no one ever told them about the freedom in Christ Jesus. I felt utter sadness for those people (I believe the people I saw are in Country A) who has no escape in their body mind and soul. I know my time is getting limited. I want young people to rise up to the highest perfection of love. We must have our ups and downs or how can we know it is He who does the work in us?

Ayn: The ups come without warning. The downs come every time I make a decision to do something. You are right. I have to let Christ do the work in me.

All this I learned intellectually…but now it’s becoming an experience.

Joanne: Happy that Lord your God is purifying and making you to perfection. Even though it might be hard at the time of going through, but it’s also a beautiful teachable times.
Bible can be used as a book of knowledge or book of Life….I pray that it will become a book of life…God’s love letter to you.
I sometimes have this fear for you that you will start the thirst and hunger in the Word, but later it will become the book of knowledge. It has happened to many of us including priests who started the journey in such faith and even to a point they give up priesthood. So we are never exempt from the temptation. Surrender is the answer to everything; When I see everything is going out of my control and I become helpless, all I know to say is “Have your way in me Lord, if this is Your way in me, I surrender to your way”. Then the peace of God will come to me. I will get up in strength to let Him work His purpose in me, regardless what I think is right and wrong become immaterial. So all the failures, down times, pain, suffering , persecution either body or mind, become times of courtship with the Lord. But at times it does not come easily as we say. I am blind and deaf to His way and I will keep on pushing my way but when I see anointing has left or things are going wrong and wrong in my way, its then I learn to repent and surrender. Nothing is more sure than to say these down times are a courtship with the Lord.

Ayn: Oh my gosh…this is what I have been looking for..courtship. Suddenly my day is not so bad after all! If I had never made the effort, I would’ve never fallen down. This is why others have it easy..they don’t go the distance..so they are always safe and cushioned. I think people have wrong idea about the work of the Lord. You can do it without moving a step. But its the hardest thing if you don’t allow Christ to do it for you.

Joanne: so true..

Ayn: So I learn the most today. Thank you 🙂 🙂

Joanne: We all love to play safe and cushioned; u worded beautifully right. I wonder what the world would be if Jesus did not have a courtship with the Father, but decided to play safe and cushioned? Prayed all the pain and suffering to go away or taken away? Hebrew 5:8-9 – Son though He was, He learned obedience from what He suffered, and once made perfect, He became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey Him.
Obedience is learned through suffering and pain. It is a gift of God so we may enjoy the courtship with Him, like Jesus did.

————–end of msg———-

My prayer – May the Lord give us Godly teachers who are humble at heart and who are willing to teach with true love for Christ.

Always look at things above and eagerly accept all spiritual gifts of joy, peace and righteousness. Christ is waiting to work His work within us. Don’t wait for supernatural prompting. Step out – if only it is out of the comfortable habitat of your mind. Submit your mind to God and soon you will love God with all your heart, all your mind and all your strength.

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