Spirit-filled Church

Spirit filled church

Spirit-Filled Church. What is it?

“Church” is the body of Christ.
The body of Christ are the believers.
A believer cannot be a believer unless the Holy Spirit indwells him.
1. Therefore, the Spirit-filled church is a congregation of the believers (saved / born-again / regenerated).
2. It is a congregation living holy lives.
3. It is a people being persecuted (ridiculed / insulted / harmed) for their faith – because being Spirit-filled, they are in constant friction with the world.
4. It is believers who submit to the authority of the Holy Spirit.
5. The Spirit-filled church exalts Jesus Christ – not His gifts.
6. It is believers whose gifts of the Holy Spirit work in unity and harmony. No particular gift overtaking another.
7. A Spirit-filled church is always the target of the Enemy who will woo the flock from Holy worship to unholy entertainment, wonders and signs.
8. Believers whose eyes are on Christ and Him crucified.

Spirit-Filled Church – what is it not?

1. It is certainly not an entertainment venue.
2. It is not a gathering of seekers.
3. It does not glorify the gifts of the Holy Spirit over and above Jesus.
4. It is not a place for personalities and celebrities to teach their own man-made doctrines.

Who will be uncomfortable in a Spirit-Filled Church? (according to A W Tozer – Alive in the Spirit)

1. Controlling people – their good intentions go higher than God’s purpose. Even their prayers are based on what they want and when they want it, even if its contrary to the plain teaching of Scripture.
2. Sunday Morning Christians – They carefully remove the religion suit and keep it for next Sunday.
3. Pleasure addicts – They are so addicted to entertainment and pleasure that if the Holy Spirit moved in their midst, they will be highly uncomfortable.
4. Big shots – The Spirit Filled church will never be a platform for those desiring to be popular. They need to die to themselves for the Holy Spirit to work in them. They will be rather uncomfortable if the Holy Spirit takes over.
5. Those who confuse worship with entertainment. Worship is not for our pleasure but for the glory of God. Spirit-filled worship will make some people mighty uncomfortable in some churches today.
6. Cultural Christians – those who come to church to better themselves, upgrade their life status or business, meet the right partner. These people have a very different agenda than that of the Holy Spirit.

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